My name is Guido Koch. Since my childhood I have always been enthusiastic about  motorcycles. I am a mechanical engineer, I  studied at Berufsakademie Mannheim, Technical University Karlsruhe, and have been self-employed for 25 years now. My every day work concerns the development and realization of technical equipment, mainly in the fields of medical equipment and automotive.

My real passion, however, is the motorcycle.

And, as a passionate inventor, for me driving does not mean just driving – it also means to be able to drive on and to get somewhere. But , riding one of my various motorbikes, I often felt that I would have got on more easily with two driven wheels instead of one. But this motorbike did not exist. So I developed it. On my own account, on my own behalf, and for those who might be interested.

How all-wheel drive desires arise.

A lot was created on own account, shortcomings, that became obvious at the first road trials had to be fixed. That is why it took a while but now it is there, the DT-A.

Epilogue and Thanks

All through this long period of development, several people in my personal surroundingshave followed and attended me and the project. They have supported me and given me motivation. They have discussed and criticised my work, they have listened and contradicted .

I want to thank all those people, because they have helped me to get the project to this point.

Guido Koch

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